Security Consulting

Brand Integrity

We give you in-depth information and analysis on organisations and individuals, to improve your understanding of market conditions and protect your reputation while helping you spot strategic partnership opportunities.

Our business integrity services go far beyond the kinds of data mining and desk research functions you might get from other risk management providers; we can rely on our extensive network to complement publicly available data with on-the-ground information from reliable sources.

Solutions and services we provide:

  • M&A target identification: helping you find and vet suitable takeover prospects in areas where you require expert or additional local knowledge, including competitive intelligence and advice on protocols and customs when it comes to negotiations.
  • Social media analysis: examining online networks to uncover relationships and affiliations that shed a light on the personality and motivation of key individuals, while ensuring local privacy laws are adhered to.
  • Background investigations: providing you with in-depth information on partners, contacts, employees and associates, particularly in jurisdictions where there is no central store of data. Acquiring such data requires an intimate knowledge of the workings of bureaucracy and local custom, which our partners possess.
  • Investigative due diligence: making sure you have a 360-degree view of potential business partners.