Security Consulting

Brand Protection

Preventing damage to your brand is tough in the new world of entitlement, where anyone can rip your logo from your website and paste it on almost any product or form of communication available, globally.

At Temi Group we have extensive expertise in preventing others from using your brand name for the illegal production and sale of goods and services, and can help you to launch prosecutions, deterrence measures or educational campaigns.

What we provide:

  • Anti-piracy and anti-counterfeiting: getting close to the people who are damaging your brand, without them knowing it, so you can get a valuable understanding of the nature of the networks, supply chains and local realities you are up against.
  • Forensic presentations: gathering and storing critical IT and physical evidence in accordance with local legislation so you can build a powerful case for legal action.
  • Law enforcement and prosecution: establishing channels of communication with law enforcement and public prosecutors in providing the right evidence package if matters go to court. Note we only make contact with local authorities if you expressly want us to.