Security Consulting

The Temi Group Story

Temi Group formed in 2008 with Risto Haataja, Johan du Plooy, Roger Warwick and Manuel Sanchez; security professionals seasoned on the global stage through successful businesses in their own right; acknowledged academic achievement and experience in all aspects of security risk management.

The founding concept of Temi Group was to take a different line in providing security risk management advisory services. Seeking inspiration for a name, the founding partners looked to Themis, the goddess of good counsel, communal affairs and assembly.

The values of good counsel, communal affairs and assembly provided further inspiration in the creation of a network built on mutual respect and trust, to span the globe as the world's farthest reaching security risk management advisory partnership.

From the founding base, Temi Group grew with the addition of Senior Partners and Associate Partners across the world, developing an even broader base of business and subject matter expertise until a robust global network was established and the initial vision realised.

The unique Temi Group vision is to provide local expertise on a global basis, without hierarchical structure or any individual being greater than the sum of the Group's parts. This is achieved by the creation of an 'administrative' rather than a 'head' office; creating global Temi Group hubs where local Senior Partners manage projects, deliver service and allocate resource on a collaborative basis. This in turn enables quick, dynamic and flexible mobilisation to any required solution or need on a global/local basis.

At the end of 2011 the Temi Group met to create the next mission and vision – a transformation of the global partnership network into an ever evolving partner ecosystem with strong brand identity, clearly defined solutions based on requirements, services, delivered through the ability to provide security risk management and security needs, anywhere in the world.

A new chapter now begins, inspired by: 'Advice based on Knowledge and Experience' alongside a new mission and vision:

Temi Group Mission:

To provide advice, good counsel and solutions through an ever evolving partner ecosystem.

Temi Group Vision:

To achieve long term business relationships built on mutual respect and trust.