Security Consulting

Organisational Resilience

If you want a resilient organisation then you need to identify, mitigate and manage risk, recognise the interdependence of business functions, address compliance gaps and integrate business processes or assets.

We can help by giving you the processes, tools and expertise to improve your resilience, minimise impacts and downtime to your business, evolve a stable and secure environment to sustain and build on your competitive advantage.

Solutions and services we provide:

  • Security risk management advisory services: giving you a programme that lets your organisation deal appropriately with threats and comply with corporate governance and associated laws, with defined actions to accept, minimise, transfer or mitigate the impact of risk and threat events.
  • Emergency planning: helping your organisation respond when the unexpected happens, to ensure damage is minimised and your brand and operations are impacted as little as possible.
  • Business continuity and recovery: ensuring that if disaster hits then your organisation is capable of surviving the blow and getting back to normal operations with minimum delay and effort.
  • ISO audit, certification and skills assessment: improving your ability to gain supply chain management and information security risk management accreditations.
  • ISO standard risk and vulnerability assessments: providing assessment services to internationally accepted standards.