Security Consulting

Value Engineering

How can you be sure you are buying the right amounts of the right security for your organisation? We analyse architectural design principles, product selection, processes and operational structures to deliver comprehensive return on investment against risk mitigation and performance criteria.

We can give you an honest appraisal and peer review of how the tools and technologies you have or want measure up to your requirements, making sure you get the best protection and services at the best price.

What we provide:

  • Tender analysis: evaluating your needs based on the risks you might face, providing engineering and architectural design services for the preparation of tender documentation and giving you unbiased information about security risk management products and services.
  • Cost-performance analysis: analysing how much you are getting for the capital or operational expenditure you are making on security risk management, to allow you to make informed purchasing decisions.
  • Project management: helping you with the technical and architectural details of major security risk management installation projects, to ensure the tools you have are properly configured to safeguard your operations in accordance with local best practice and international standards.
  • Bespoke technical design services: giving you tailored security risk management options based on clustered or shared services, benchmarking services in a particular location or conducting service provider audits, for example.